Our offer

Our primary specialty is anti-burglary mechanical protection, locking systems and equipping entrance doors, which includes inserts, locks, fittings, hydraulic locks, as well as zurila, nameplates, stoppers…

We also make all kinds of special and ordinary keys. As the main goal is to protect the front door, we also offer assessment of the endangerment of the building, detection of suitable protection points, as well as all advice and information that includes the arrival at the protected building and timely installation. We guarantee all our products and services and guarantee you complete safety and quality.

Emergency locksmith interventions

Opening of all types of locks and emergency interventions 0-24h

Za hitne interventne situacije kao što je otvaranje vrata od stana ili vrata od automobila nazovite:

For emergency situations such as opening an apartment door or a car door, call:

01 3635 089

Whether it’s an accidentally slammed door or the loss of a key, we open it without a key or break all types of locks as needed.