We offer over a hundred different types of locks, whether standard and security for all types of doors – metal, wood, PVC, ALU, fire or panic. We also offer, various types of smart locks from renowned world manufacturers. Security locks can be installed in all types of doors, either as an additional lock or as a replacement for an existing lock. We also offer a large selection of locks for iron and aluminum doors. Cylinder locks can be with (if the ball is on the outside) or without a lifter. Also, special anti-burglary security locks for various purposes, as well as a diverse range of different PVC locks for a wide range of PVC doors.

Security door

Security doors have become an indispensable part of modern housing culture. They are the most effective protection of the home, which contributes to a sense of security. We offer them in variants that are primarily functional with either thermal or acoustic insulation.

Hydraulic shutters and cylinders

Hydraulic shutters are characterized by adjustable closing speed and door retention. We also offer different variants of cylindrical inserts for different types of doors, which differ in length. This category includes standard cylinders, safety cylinders and special cylinder inserts. Cartridges also differ in function, so we have standard, with a wheel (button) on the inside, cartridges with a priority function.


Although padlocks belong to outdated door protection systems, they are very common. They can be standard and security. The production uses the highest quality materials available on the market at affordable prices. The wide range of various padlocks offers the highest levels of security, thanks to sophisticated technological solutions.

Lock fittings

We offer fittings in standard and safety versions. We also offer a variety of small fittings such as bumpers, couplings, door stoppers, hinges, spies and latches.

izrada auto ključeva za automobil
Car keys

We make car keys of all kinds for all car brands. Since today’s generations of vehicles have transponders (chips) in car keys that enable vehicle ignition, we offer the installation of transporters for older vehicle types. In addition to standard car keys, we also offer coded car keys for almost all types of cars. We make car keys immediately at very reasonable prices. We should also point out the repair of the remote control for the vehicle, which we can repair by replacing the switch or battery, replacing the old housing with a new one or making a new remote control.